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Global video platform that connects advertisers and target audience of web-site. We offer turn-key solution from video player code generation to 24/7 technical and ads operational support. And also we help publishers owing video to effectively monetize video content and maximize profits.

Earn the most from every video and every view

Turn-key solution

All you need is to create account and upload your video into your admin account via moneytube. The rest will be done by our experts: - we will generate unique video-player code with integraed AdX advertising solution;- we will optimize marketing campaigns via AdX to maximize your revenues;- we will generate regular reports available into your admin account.

Get maximum gain

Earn +40-60% more than other video ad serve platforms monetize ALL TRAFFIC on ALL GEO: our platform is connected to international CDN network monetize MULTI-PLATFORM traffic: desktop, mobile and tablet get unlimited storage: no need to buy or rent expensive servers.

24/7 support

Our dedicated team is available all the time you need qualified assistance;
Full operational and technical support.

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30 000 000

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We have great variety of payment tools.
You may choose the one that works for you best.

Types of advertising


pre-roll (before video started); post-roll (after video is seen) and mid-roll (any other time when video is playing)



ad banners, appeared at the bottom and in the center of the screen

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